Morning prayers at the Western Wall
Morning prayers at the Western WallJoint Committee for the Preservation of the Western Wall's Holiness

Dozens of men and women from around Israel arrived at the Western Wall early Wednesday morning, for the special prayers honoring Rosh Hodesh (the first day of the new Jewish month).

The worshipers filled the various areas of the women's section, according to the new coronavirus-period protocols, and did not allow the Women of the Wall group to enter the area.

"We have now finished another Rosh Hodesh prayer session at the Western Wall - Rosh Hodesh Menachem Av, another Rosh Hodesh during which the group of Reform women remained outside the plaza and the site's holiness was preserved," said Bezalel Zini, who heads the Joint Committee for the Preservation of the Western Wall's Holiness.

"From month to month, we learn that the Western Wall gets along very nicely even without the provocations of this extremist handful of people, and with the prayers and yearning for the Holy Temple in the merit of the righteous women."

Zini also wished "all of Israel and the entire nation a complete healing and recovery."

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation reported that a small group from Women of the Wall took up a post at the upper level of the plaza.

"This group violated the protocols and brought a Torah scroll into the Western Wall plaza, while desecrating its holiness," they said. "They were met by men and women worshipers who protested the provocation they aroused."

"The Western Wall Heritage Foundation regrets this behavior and asks that all sides leave the Western Wall be, and allow respectful prayer, while keeping the site's protocols and preserving its holiness."