Eggs (illustrative)
Eggs (illustrative)iStock

Israel's Agriculture Ministry is preparing for the second wave of coronavirus and in investigations with the manufacturers, marketers, and supermarket chains found that there is currently an excess of eggs, meat, chicken, and dairy products on the market.

According to a market analysis by the Ministry's economists, if consumers' behavior remains "normal" there will not be a shortage of these products in the near future.

The Ministry also emphasized that despite a certain small rise in the demand for food products at supermarkets in the past few days, the excess of eggs, meat, chicken, and dairy remains.

A market analysis by the Agriculture Ministry showed that the excess stems from a drop in restaurants' activities, in institutions' purchases, and in the industrial factories which prepare food for the tourism industry, event halls, and catering businesses, as well as from an increase in the availability of locally-produced goods.

The Ministry also emphasized that its professional sources are following the market on a regular basis, and if consumers begin hoarding eggs, the Ministry will prepare to import eggs.

Agriculture Minister Alon Schuster (Blue and White) said: "The Agriculture Ministry will work unceasingly to ensure that the public will not lack fresh, locally-produced food. The Ministry is following the market and will ensure that fresh food will always be on the shelves."