Daniela Weiss
Daniela WeissHiller Maeir

The Right is counting the days that have passed since the beginning of July without any discussion by Netanyahu about sovereignty, but is this really the right time to address this issue? Daniela Weiss, head of the Nachala movement, is convinced that at this time there is no room at all for dealing with the issue of sovereignty.

"A government can deal with many issues at once," she states, and does not accept coronavirus as a pretext for rejecting the sovereignty discourse, but in her opinion "sovereignty should not be addressed now because sovereignty, as it appears at present, involves the Israeli government agreeing to a Palestinian state, 30 percent for us and 70 percent for Arabs." This plan, she says, should be taken off the agenda completely.

She says, "sovereignty should be practiced only when the people of Israel are in the full breadth of their country," and as long as this is not the reality, the discourse of sovereignty becomes subject to actual recognition of the boundaries of sovereignty in accordance with the Trump map.

In her remarks, Weiss expressed astonishment at the sovereignty bill promoted by MKs Betzalel Smotrich and Chaim Katz. In her opinion, this is "science fiction", because things happen when "Netanyahu accepts the Trump plan and David Friedman explains the meaning of the plan, that there is an agreement between Israel and the United States that any action related to sovereignty means a principled consent of the State of Israel to establish a Palestinian state. That puts the Palestinians ahead of us."

Weiss says that although MK Smotrich is an excellent parliamentarian, he fell into a trap that he should have avoided. According to her, personalities such as Yossi Dagan and senior Likud members also fell for the same pothole: "The Trump plan is floating around the world and to now come up with an alternative plan and ignore the fact that Netanyahu traveled to Washington to achieve this plan, it's ridiculous."

And if it seems to anyone at this time, while Trump's proposal is raised, that it is right to present an alternative plan such as the sovereignty legislation regardless of the American plan, Weiss would say to them: "The settlers feel they can do almost anything, and yet it does not seem to me that in a contest between Smotrich and Trump, Smotrich would win.

"The idea of ​​applying sovereignty while there are very difficult demographic difficulties, at this time, is a mistake. It is not possible to add more Arab Knesset members to the Knesset of Israel. Even now their number is above and beyond. Sovereignty now complicates our situation with Arab civil rights."

Weiss adds, outlining her view of the right timing for sovereignty: "So when? We need to continue as a people with more immigration, more large families, more new settlements in Judea and Samaria with implications for the Negev and Galilee. Sovereignty will be possible when the people of Israel are in the full breadth of their promised land. It's possible. One hundred and twenty years ago there were several tens of thousands of Jews here and today there are seven million Jews. After the coronavirus era, there will be a massive increase from the United States, where there are six million Jews."