Houthis in Yemen
Houthis in YemenReuters

The Yemenite embassy in Washington D.C, condemned Thursday attacks by Iranian-backed Islamist radicals against local Jews.

In a tweet released by the embassy, Yemen compared recent attacks by Houthi militias on local Jews in the Kharif district to Nazi Germany.

"Alarmed by reports of Houthis arresting & assaulting #Jewish residents, forcing them to sell their homes, expropriating their properties and transferring ownership to Houthi leaders. Shocking if Yemenite Jews are unjustly being pressured to leave Yemen."

"We know Houthis espouse virulent antiSemitism & impose systematic discrimination, humanrights violations, and mistreatment. Media now reporting Houthis cutting off water & electricity to Jewish homes and preventing Jews from purchasing food."

"It is repugnant enough that the Houthis have exacted vicious crimes against their fellow Yemeni #Muslim citizens. To hear that Houthis also victimizing Yemenite Jews is similarly reprehensible."

"Nazism was a horrible stain on Europe. It cannot have another hateful strain now in Arabia. The Houthis must be compelled to make peace in Yemen and to end their intolerance antisemitic rhetoric & conduct."

"As an immediate step, we demand the Houthis immediately clarify the situation and declare they will respect the rights of minorities in all territories under their control. Jews and all minorities have a place in Yemen, and for a better future we hope to build."

Earlier this week, the Egyptian Al Mesryoon newspaper reported that Houthi militiamen have begun arresting local Jews in the Kharif district and forcing them to sell their land to Houthi leaders, with some Jews saying they were also pressured to leave the country.

Al Mesryoon further reported that Yemen's small Jewish community has faced systematic discrimination and human rights violations from the Houthis, who have cut off water and electricity from Jewish homes and prevented Jews from going out to purchase food.