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The Guardian reports that Foreign ministers from eleven European countries demanded the EU quickly provide them with a list of possible actions to "deter" Israel from claiming its sovereignty in parts of Judea and Samaria.

In a letter to EU foreign policy head Josep Borrell that was leaked to the Guardian, the politicians asked for the potential “legal consequences” for Israel and its effect on agreements with the EU.

The letter was signed by foreign ministers from Belgium, Ireland, Italy, France, Malta, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Finland.

“The possible annexation by Israel of parts of the occupied Palestinian territory remains a matter of grave concern for the EU and its Member States,” said the letter.

It added that a list of options would “contribute to our efforts to deter annexation”, suggesting Israel may be dissuaded from acting if confronted with potential concrete steps.

In the letter, sent to Borrell on Friday, ministers repeated what they said was a request made at an informal May 15th meeting when they asked he draw up a list of potential reactions, called an “options paper”.

“We understand that this is a sensitive issue and timing is important, but time is also short. We are concerned that the window to deter annexation is fast closing,” the letter said.