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Parents of students in the Mavo Galil elementary school in Kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar in northern Israel are concerned about an upcoming vote on their kibbutz.

In the vote, which is scheduled for Wednesday, kibbutz members will decide whether a guesthouse situated next to the elementary school will be used as a coronavirus hotel. There is a three-meter strip of road between the two buildings.

Mavo Galil serves children from all across the Upper Galilee region. Currently, lower elementary students are attending "summer school."

According to a report in Israel Hayom, one of the kibbutz parents wrote in a local WhatsApp group that "this is our time to oppose and not to send our children to a school which is located so close to a coronavirus hotel."

"We're talking about 250 people, all of whom are confirmed cases, and their families. The Home Front Command has promised to keep them within the premises, but it's a very challenging premises to close, because it spans several buildings across a large area. The deal was three months to start with. There's a lot of noise in Ayelet Hashahar, but it's a good income for the kibbutz, so there's a good chance that it'll be approved."

Vered Zusman of Kibbutz Ami'ad, whose two children attend Mavo Galil, told Israel Hayom: "I hope members of the kibbutz will vote with logic, and not according to the logic of their pockets. We are mostly concerned about what will happen on September 1. As it is, we're protecting our children and avoiding taking them to places with large crowds. And now they bring more confirmed patients here?"