Zohar during vote
Zohar during voteKnesset Spokeswoman Adina Wallman

A storm erupted in the Knesset Coronavirus Committee that voted in favor of opening gyms and pools, contrary to the position of the Prime Minister and Health Minister.

MK Miki Zohar left the committee after a confrontation with Chairwoman Yifat Shasha-Biton, "I am hereby ousting you from the post; you will no longer be committee chair," he said. Biton replied to Zohar, "You'll yet learn to conduct yourselves here."

Shortly before the committee convened, the Prime Minister's Office announced: "the Prime Minister and Health Minister have decided to formulate a special strict purple designation to reduce crowds around pools, thus opening the uncovered swimming pools while strengthening enforcement in these places."

It was further stated that "gyms will remain closed and will be financially compensated accordingly."

The committee surprisingly approved the decision to open the gyms as well, with support by Chairwoman Shasha-Biton, in stark contrast to the Prime Minister's announcement.