A Maryland man said he may be the first person to be successfully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

David Rach, a graduate immunology student, was the first person to receive a trial vaccine at the University of Maryland in May. The vaccine is being developed together by US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German firm BioNTech, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the researchers, the trial vaccine has produced the results they hoped for, with test subjects producing coronavirus anti-bodies at rates equal to or higher than patients who have contracted the disease.

"Going into the trial, I wasn't certain the vaccine would be effective at producing an immune response, because we were the first people being tested with the vaccine... At the same time, just because I have antibodies doesn't mean you are protected against the virus, So i'm monitoring my symptoms every day," Rach told Fox 5.

Researchers will continue to monitor Rach over the next year to determine how long the anti-bodies last and if he truly has immunity to the coronavirus.

If all goes well, Pfizer hopes to produce 100 million doses of its vaccine before the end of the year.