MK Bezalel Smotrich (Yamina) accused the police of treating the protests in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem last night differently.

"I have now gone through a variety of videos on the net from the two demonstrations, and the difference in the conduct of the police is shocking. There was zero patience and harsh violence against the haredi demonstrators in Jerusalem, while they showed caution and maximum restraint towards the demonstrators in Tel Aviv," Smotrich wrote on Twitter Sunday morning.

"Note the difference between the styles of the police spokesperson announcements. This is blatant and open discrimination and should be followed up on by a commission of inquiry," Smotrich wrote.

Thousands of people protested Saturday night at Tel Aviv's Rabin Square. Dozens of the protesters in Tel Aviv marched to the Azrieli area and blocked roads. Confrontations with police ensued, leading to the decision to block traffic.

At the same time, hundreds of haredi protesters gathered in Jerusalem to demonstrate against the closure of the Romema and Kiryat Sanz neighborhoods. Demonstrators blocked traffic, threw stones at police, and removed barriers which were set up to enforce the closure. Police confronted the demonstrators and detained ten for questioning.

מהומות בתל אביב חדשות כאן 11

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