Nadia Matar & Yehudit Katsover
Nadia Matar & Yehudit Katsover Courtesy

Another week has passed in the month of July, the month when the government of Israel is supposed to begin the process of sovereignty. We, at the Sovereignty Movement, are not necessarily part of those who are impatient and criticize the government for the days that have passed since the start of the month without sovereignty. We are seriously trying to understand the real reason for the delay.

If in fact, as we are told by senior officials, the delay is caused by the Israeli effort to obtain American agreement for an outline of sovereignty in accordance with Israeli interests, meaning that it does not include agreement to a Palestinian state and a freeze in Jewish communities and causing some communities to become enclaves, then we are grateful for the delay and for the healthy steps of sovereignty that coordinate with the Zionist vision. On the other hand, If the delay stems from political-coalition pressures and a surrender to the dictates of the Blue and White party and the ministers of Labor, then we do have criticism for the lack of leadership that this reveals.

In recent days, Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi has reported on discussions that he is having with dozens of European foreign ministers in preparation for the first steps of the Trump plan, which he views as a plan whose goal is separation from three million Palestinians, in his words. Minister Ashkenazi’s words are very concerning and disturbing, because they also show that accepting the plan will also mean accepting the scheme whose purpose is to establish a Palestinian state, Heaven forbid. We shall object to such a scheme extremely vigorously in every way. Together with you, we will mobilize the political forces from the coalition and from the opposition to fight for the future and integrity of the Land

Six years to Oz veGaon

Last Friday we commemorated the sixth anniversary of our ascension to the ground of the Oz veGaon preserve, the preserve that was established in memory of the three youths who were abducted and murdered, Gil-Ad, Eyal and Naftali, Hy”d. Dozens attended the event, including Racheli Frenkel, the mother of Naftali, whose moving speech can be seen and read on the Sovereignty website.

We view the Jewish holding at Oz veGaon as a very powerful symbol not only of revival and flourishing from grief and bereavement, but also of the essence of sovereignty. Before we arrived at the preserve aided by dozens of activists and volunteers, the place was abandoned and neglected, a center for criminal activity by Arab youths from the surrounding villages, a place lacking law and order. Since we came to the preserve and began our educational and practical activity, the place became a point of light spreading a sense of security and serenity over the entire area, a center of growth and flourishing, clinging to the Land and building, education and activity.

This is true also for Israel’s sovereignty in its Land. The stronger and more assertive Israel’s sovereignty, the more the place will bloom and flourish. Every place where Israel withdraws, pulls back and fails to take steps of sovereignty, Heaven forbid, becomes a lawless place, a place for terror, neglect and crime.

We have been able to make the wonderful change in Oz veGaon over the last six years, thanks to you, dear supporters and contributors, who girded yourselves for the task and helped with ideas and contributions to restore the place, to make it operational, to upgrade it and to add more and more equipment and initiatives to turn the place in what it is today.

Photo: Gershon Ellinson
Photo: Gershon Ellinson

To me, Sovereignty is...

And this time, as he resumes his activity in Knesset this week, our guest columnist is Member of Knesset Ariel Kellner (Likud):

“To me, sovereignty is the realization of the dream of generations of the Jewish People and returning the Land that was stolen from the Jewish People to its rightful owners. Especially these days, the days of the 3 weeks “between the straits”, when we mourn the loss of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel, the application of sovereignty is a great correction. We must not miss the opportunity”.

MK Ariel Kellner
MK Ariel Kellner Photo: Hezki Baruch

Sovereignty is cool!

And it turns out that sovereignty is “viral”, too. In the special petition-signing campaign that was carried out throughout the entire Land, the Sovereignty Youth succeeded to get more than a thousand youths to sign a petition calling on the Prime Minister to apply sovereignty without recognizing a Palestinian state.

The petition-signing campaign won much media interest and positive coverage. The youths who participated in the campaign tell of fascinating meetings with youths and adults at the petition-signing booths. The interest in the younger generation volunteering on behalf of the vision is much gaining momentum, interest and admiration. We have no doubt that indeed, the next generation of Israeli leadership is developing here.