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The Most Bitcoin-Friendly Cities Around the World

Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm but there are still many that have not fully embraced this idea yet. While Bitcoin is a very real currency to trade and earn in, using it in your daily life can be a bit tricky. In this article, we cover ten cities where you can spend your Bitcoins on all sorts of things from sushi restaurants to yoga sessions.

The Parameters

In this list, we have covered cities mainly based on three parameters: availability of Bitcoin-friendly vendors, availability of Bitcoin ATMs and the population to activity ratio in terms of Bitcoin. A Radar was also referred to know the locations of special Bitcoin ATMs around the world.

1. San Francisco

San Francisco, California with a population of 880,000 is the tech capital of the States and unsurprisingly has a very Bitcoin-friendly atmosphere. The home of various other cryptocurrencies like Kraken and Coinbase features over 24 vendors which will indulge you for the right Bitcoin value. The city’s proud list includes options among nine restaurants, two watering holes and even a bakery. In addition to all this, there are almost twenty ATMs that will help you to purchase Bitcoin.

2. Vancouver

Moving north of the states, the proud country of Canada has its own special love for Bitcoins. The city of Vancouver used to be home to the then famous QuadrigaCX which lost $180 Million after the founder died.

The world’s first Bitcoin ATM was erected at the Waves Coffee House back in 2013 and today, there are over forty such places where you can purchase Bitcoin as well. Very impressive, especially for a city with a population of 631,000 residents.

3. Amsterdam

The infamous Dutch city has taken big strides in the world of Bitcoin. Home to Bitfury and Bitpay, Amsterdam sports around a dozen ATMs to withdraw your ‘hard mined’ Bitcoins. When it comes to spending, there are over thirty vendors ranging from a bike rental shop to an antique ring shop that will indulge you for your Bitcoin. The city’s population of 840,000 really speaks volumes about their Bitcoin-friendly approach and other Dutch cities like Utrecht, Hague and Rotterdam have been following in these footsteps as well.

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana may have a population of just 289,000 but the Slovenian capital has around 200 merchants who will indulge you for your Bitcoin. The home of Slovenian run cryptocurrency Bitstamp has four ATMs as well and lives up to its status as the largest Slovenian city.

5. Tel Aviv

Israel’s financial epicenter has been growing with its crypto-friendly ways for a while now. There are over a dozen vendors and two ATMs who will accept Bitcoin. The city has over 3,800 active members amongst its population of 451,000 which has made it into one of the most proactive cities in the world of Crypto.

6. Zurich

The prominent Swiss city with its population of 428,000 has about two dozen Bitcoin merchants to its name and ten ATMs for your crypto needs.

7. Tampa

The coastal state has its special ray of sunshine down in Florida wherein you can find about forty-five Bitcoin ATMs and up to four dozen merchants who will accept your cryptocurrency.

8. Buenos Aires

Despite Argentina’s ambiguous history with finances, Bitcoin has certainly thrived in the heart of the country. The ever-massive city with a population of 2.9Million has over a hundred merchants that will accept your Bitcoin and you can find about nine ATMs for your needs.

9. New York

Home to Gemini Exchange, founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the tech metropolis with a population of 8.4 Million has a lot to offer. New York has over three dozen merchants who will accept Bitcoin in five boroughs and over a dozen ATMs for all your Bitcoin needs.

10. London

UK’s capital with a massive population of 8.9 Million has certainly not disappointed with its crypto game so far. London has over 130 ATMs where you can purchase Bitcoin and about fifty merchants who will accept it. Various startups have unsurprisingly sprung up from London like The Bitcoin Revolution, which is allegedly UK’s best Bitcoin exchange.

Honorable Mentions

While these ten cities have embraced Bitcoin with all their heart, various others too have crossed many noteworthy milestones. Cities like Malta and Cyprus have been pioneers while surprising additions to the list like Venezuela and Zimbabwe have achieved similar feats too.

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin mining began and has today paved the road for substantial progress. It is intriguing to see that it isn’t just the big tech centers which have adopted a Bitcoin-friendly policy, but the smaller cities have come a long way in the field as well.