The second wave of coronavirus has led to a rise in purchases of both food and drink, Maariv reported.

According to the report, 3.8 billion shekels ($1,101,570,600) worth of groceries were bought during this period, representing an all-time high.

The Achva brand reported Tuesday that two million containers of their regular and whole tahini paste were sold from March through May - a 55% rise in comparison to the same period last year. The company is also offering sales on a variety of products.

Yuval Malakh, who is the company's deputy marketing head, said, "Our goal is to reduce the consumer's food expenses, and to make products available at lower prices."

At the same time, Nespresso reported that one-third of their regular customers increased their consumption of coffee during the crisis. This is especially true of customers aged 18-29. A study of 592 customers by the Rushinek market research institute showed that consumption of cold coffee, and home consumption of coffee, rose in two-thirds (65%) of Israeli households.

Nespresso Israel head Yisrael Eli Schwartzman said, "Israelis are proving that even during the coronavirus period, they are heavy coffee consumers. Cold coffee is continuously becoming more popular, and the use of home coffee machines has increased."