Jerusalem Day celebration at Western Wall
Jerusalem Day celebration at Western Wall צילום: הודיה קלמן, TPS

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry condemned the continued work at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, which it referred to as the "Western Wall of the Al Aqsa Mosque."

Foreign Ministry spokesman Daifallah al-Fayez claimed that the Jordanian Waqf has exclusive authority over the Western Wall under international law.

He further said that all renovation and maintenance work on the Temple Mount is the sole purview of the Waqf, and called on the Israeli government to halt all work at the Western Wall.

Tom Nisani, the head of the Arab Desk at the Im Tirtzu organization, responded that "this is an official document of the Jordanian government and appears to have been published as an attempt to pressure the US over the expected declaration of sovereignty. This document provides an understanding of Jordanian policy in Jerusalem as well as its various activities."

"It is time for the State of Israel to put an end to this 'demon dance' around its eternal capital. 'whoever controls the Temple Mount controls the entire land of Israel.' Uri Zvi Greenberg spoke truly when he said those words. The time has come, 72 years after independence, that the Temple Mount and the entire Old City of Jerusalem be under full Israeli sovereignty while granting full freedom to all religions without restrictions," Nisani said.