TCM identifies, evaluates, buys, manages and grows eCommerce stores to yield hig
TCM identifies, evaluates, buys, manages and grows eCommerce stores to yield hig Tomer Plutin

Cutting-edge technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Machine Learning can help and even optimize eCommerce investment. It’s easier to identify, analyze, buy and grow online stores with high profitability. Online investment expert Gabi Bar, co-CEO of TCM, a full eCommerce solution company which increases sales and profits utilizing Super Brain platform and technology and going for IPO on the Australia Stock Exchange, explains: "Our technology predicts online store demand and growth like an expert for long-term success."

Two decades ago, online shopping seemed illusive, not a realistic or attainable vision. With time, buying products online slowly became more widespread. In recent years, eCommerce is flooding the market: expanding in streams, and now overshadowing traditional, brick-and-mortar malls, stores and shopping centers frequented by consumers for generations. From 2018-19 in Israel alone, online shopping surged tremendously - from 13 billion NIS to 22 billion NIS. The reason is clear: if products can be conveniently purchased from home at the lowest prices, why should consumers continue shopping in “physical” stores? The online world is here, and everyone needs to pay attention and act.

Today, consumers can buy almost everything online - not only products or property, but digital stores. Anyone can investment in eCommerce by buying online stores. In today’s reality, eStores are very valuable assets, and can be looked at as “digital real estate.” Digital real estate is a virtual store whose business is online, either with or without a “physical” brick-and-mortar store. These eStores are like any business – owners can buy/sell an online store to interested parties in a standard sales transaction.

"Even before our current economic slowdown, eCommerce had steady growth, rising every year," says Gabi Bar. "We’re estimating 50% growth this year as people are turning online even more, asking - why should I go to the mall? eCommerce is on its way to dominating the global economy in the coming years”.

"Understanding the similarity between the world of online stores and the “physical” real estate world was a lightbulb moment for us. In both cases, the bottom line is: acquisition of a business," explain Shani and Gaby Bar, co-founders of TCM, who have been active in the eCommerce field for over 10 years. “In essence, we deal with online businesses in the world of eCommerce. At TCM, we’ve become experts in operating and enhancing online stores from A2Z. Using our advanced technology and tools, we identify, buy, manage, grow and then sell online stores for high returns with our customers who as our business partners help to finance the purchase costs.”

E-Commerce Growth and Forecast for 2021
E-Commerce Growth and Forecast for 2021

"It’s just like buying a brick-and-mortar store in a shopping mall: decision-making requires analyzing the store’s financial statements, its consumer traffic, expanding and scaling into national and international markets, and its future selling potential in several years. This is a similar process to the high-yielding real estate world. Although online property may be less tangible, it’s very valuable and high-yielding for investors."

Supporting Purchase Decision-Making of eStores with AI, Big Data, ML and DL

At TCM, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are part of everyday business and have helped to transform the purchasing process. Similar to purchasing real estate properties, the eCommerce stores must be assessed to ensure they’re profitable businesses that are good, long-term investments. However, due to the millions of online transactions and stores, investigating eStores requires the right tools and technology to support decision-making. Instead of using an army of analysts, TCM uses Big Data to find, sort and store the massive amount of data required for analysis. To better understand and process the information, TCM developed a learning system with Artificial Intelligence to execute the relevant queries, analyze the multiple paths and select best stores based on key business criteria. TCM’s AI and Big Data technology uses neural networks with Deep Learning and Machine Learning techniques and algorithms for facilitating actions like image recognition, product and niche cataloging and forecasting for store traffic and sales.

"Our technology helps us, for example, to compare between dozens to hundreds of stores during our purchasing process sifting through all the data," explains Gabi Bar, "We scan tens of millions of data points on millions of products in eCommerce around the world. That’s terabytes of data. Upon gaining access to a store’s data, our system can further review and analyze the data – to identify its niche, to understand the strength, breadth and growth of its products, to extract relevant keywords for most searched products, to investigate its inventory, sales volume, etc. Our database contains thousands of parameters for supporting all our decisions".

Within the environment of this global shifting, TCM is going to IPO on ASX, the Australia Stock Exchange. The move is even more significant in light of the global uncertainty. Bar explains the rationale: "IPO lets investors to not only have a share of our digital businesses, but share in ownership of our company and be part of the growing e-commerce industry."

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