Yossi Dagan
Yossi Dagan צילום: דוברות

Dozens of Arab rioters attacked a group of Jewish farmers in Samaria Sunday afternoon, near the Israeli town of Maale Shomron.

Roughly 100 Arab rioters hurled stones at the group of seven Jewish farmers, injuring several of them, prompting one of the farmers to open fire on the rioters. After the farmer opened fire on the rioters, the attackers fled the scene.

Two rioters were wounded, the Palestinian Authority’s WAFA media outlet reported. One is said to be moderate condition, while the second was lightly wounded.

Samaria Regional Council chief Yossi Dagan responded to the attack, saying: “Were it not for the resourcefulness of one of the farmers who used his gun to protect his own life and the lives of his companions, there would have been a terrible lynch, and the seven farmers would have been murdered in cold blood.”

“I expect the police to treat these [farmers] who defended their lives as the heroes they are, and to immediately began [law enforcement] efforts against the terrorists who attempted to carry out a lynch and murder seven [civilian] farmers in broad day light.”

“The Palestinian Authority is trying to seize control of Area C in a violent, criminal fashion, and today in a terrorist fashion. This incident needs to be treated as an attempted lynching, as a terrorist attack.”

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