Nir Barkat at Jerusalem conference
Nir Barkat at Jerusalem conference Moshe Biton

The amendment proposed by Barkat along with MKs Matan Kahana (Yamina) Keti Shitrit (Likud), and Michael Malchieli (Shas) would have allowed Knesset members wishing to partially or fully waive their salaries, as well as additional non-standard payments, notifying the Knesset Auditor.

Barkat said following the bill's dismissal: "I regret that the ministerial committee rejected my proposal which would have allowed MKs to give up on even a small portion of their salaries. Public trust in elected officials starts at home. It would have been an opportunity to express understanding and social solidarity, especially during this difficult phase. In any case, I'm not planning on cashing my paychecks and the Knesset can donate them to a charitable cause of its choosing."

In January, Ynet News reported that the Knesset voted to raise MKs salaries by 2.8% despite a year marred by three consecutive elections.

The report stated that MKs' salaries saw a NIS 1,232 per month increase, with cabinet ministers having theirs raised by NIS 50,623 ($14,535) a month.

President Rivlin is now said to be making NIS 64,616 a month, while PM Netanyahu's monthly total reportedly stands at NIS 56,295.