Gaming meets Cyber. An unpublished Israeli study and practice software will integrate professional elements from the gaming world (video and computer games) into an experience that will simulate the various challenges and operations of the cyber world.

Imagine getting addicted to an online PC game and quickly realizing you have become a real world hacker, with advanced cyber security skills, being pursued by the leading security companies in the field. This day has come.

Developers believe that Internet gaming users can learn and become truly real-world hackers, with well-developed cyber capabilities, and even be relevant candidates for work in major cyber companies.

CybeGames unveils some of the mystic around its initial design and for the first time reveals a part of the secret: allowing you to harness the wild and limitless gaming world to create real defensive and offensive capabilities in the cyber dimension. No entry prerequisites required.

CybeGames Co-founder & CEO Omri Ruvio says: “Our vision is to make practical cybersecurity education an experience both fun, accessible and challenging for anyone who can type on a keyboard. We have essentially removed all entry barriers to the field in a way that will be fully revealed in the near future. We are promoting a dynamic interactive community and inviting anyone to step up their cyber game through an exciting and unique cyber and gaming experience. I have no doubt that the next cyber talents will be found through our system.”

CybeGames is set to launch this week.