In response to Israel's presumed near-future application of Israeli law to the Jordan Valley and Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, the PA began broadcasting this filler in between broadcasts:

Official PA TV narrator: O occupier, what you have plotted to do [with the Jordan Valley] will backfire on you. There is none among us who will agree to negotiate. Whoever agrees to the Jordan Valley being cut from our state is not one of us. And he will be counted among the deviant traitors. The leader of the path [PA President Abbas] has said “No!”

Caption: “No to the deal of the century”

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: “I absolutely will not agree to this solution.”

Narrator: “His voice rose throughout the world. We are loyal to it. We will defend it with spirit and blood. Therefore, [O occupier] – act wisely! Because your steps of annexation and Judaization will not pass.”