On June 23, 2020 Americans for Peace and Tolerance reported in Frontpage Magazine "The Arab American Institute outlined a plan to undermine pro-Israel support in America — and it worked.

Around 1990, James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, traveled to Jordan to raise interest in his plan to undermine the Jewish community in America by organizing the Left there against Israel’s “oppression” of Palestinians. Zogby saw the power of framing Israelis as “white oppressors” of innocent, "indigenous", darker-skinned Palestinian Arabs. And he saw the possibilities of mobilizing left-leaning ethnic, racial, and religious groups against “Israeli oppression.”

The prescient Zogby also understood how the Jewish left could easily become the willing lynchpin of his strategy.

Zogby’s initiatives, which were likely funded with petro-dollars, promoted Jews as privileged “whites.” Today, 30 years later, one sees the power of this concept: Jews in the United States, like those in Israel, are now viewed by a generation of progressives as “oppressors.”

See in the link below a video with an interview during which Zogby explains his plan about 30 years ago!!!

The Arab plan to frame Jews as "white oppressors" and organize the left against Israel gave birth to intersectionality as Ziva Dahl explained in the Observer "Have you wondered why Black Lives Matter activists carry signs Justice From Ferguson to Palestine, seeking to link claims of American racism and police violence with claims of Israeli brutality against Palestinians?"

'How about the National Women’s Studies Association endorsing a boycott of Israel to condemn the “sexual and gender-based violence perpetrated [by Israel] against Palestinians,” making a fictitious claim about the only Middle Eastern country with full gender equality and ignoring repression of women’s rights in Palestinian society?

"Jewish Voice for Peace, a rabidly anti-Israel organization, links the Palestinian issue to “the struggles of students of color, student survivors of sexual assault, and all others who on campus fight against oppression, whether imperialism, racism, patriarchy, police violence, or other systemic inequities.”

"At Columbia University, Students for Justice in Palestine and No Red Tape, a student group fighting sexual violence, join forces. What does opposing sexual violence have to do with Israel and the Palestinians?

"At Vassar, Africana Studies offers course AFRS 383, “Transnational Solidarities: Palestinian Struggle for Self-Determination/Black Struggle for Liberation” and Jasbir Puar, a Rutgers Gender/Queer Studies professor, delivers a diatribe accusing Israel of harvesting Palestinian organs for research, experimenting on Palestinian children and targeting Palestinians for “stunting” and “maiming.”

"Welcome to the world of “intersectionality,” inhabited by Israel-haters on college campuses and elsewhere..."

The riots after the tragic death of George Floyd provide further evidence of the poisonous effects of the intersectionality doctrine. PJ Media reported "Protests over the horrific death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis have taken on a life of their own as riots broke out across the country. Rioters looted, vandalized, and burned stores, monuments, and buildings that had nothing to do with police brutality, but perhaps the most egregious case came in Los Angeles on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath.

Rioters targeted a synagogue in Los Angeles, spray-painting graffiti reading “F**k Israel” and “Free Palestine” right below the sign with the name “Congregation Beth Israel,” the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles reported.

“Synagogue Congregation Beth [Israel] on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles vandalized… Tell me this ugly hatred is still about [Black Lives Matter] or [George Floyd]?!” Lisa Daftari, founder and editor of The Foreign News Desk, tweeted with the photo.

...groups like Students for Justice in Palestine push a racialist argument against Israel, condemning the Jewish State as somehow white and championing Palestinians as supposedly oppressed “people of color.” A Tufts University student guide condemned Israel as a “white supremacist state...”

The vilification of Israel by groups like Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with human rights, else why wouldn't they also, for example, protest against the Chinese occupation of Tibet? Groups like Black Lives Matter and other left organizations have been infiltrated by pro-Palestinian groups to implement a plan carefully crafted by the Arabs 30 years ago to undermine support for Israel in the Democratic Party and end bipartisan support for the Jewish State in Congress.

Ezequiel Doiny is author of "Obama's assault in Jerusalem's Western Wall."