Coronavirus hotel
Coronavirus hotel Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Social Equality Minister MK Meirav Cohen (Blue and White) on Wednesday met with representatives of the IDF Home Front Command in Elad, to understand the city's needs in dealing with coronavirus.

Cohen also spoke with the city's mayor, Yisrael Porush, saying she would raise requests from the area at Wednesday's government meeting.

"It should be understood that as children live in small, crowded homes, with an average of about seven people per apartment, so the ability to stay isolated is very limited. There is a danger of infection within the family. Therefore, the infected should be sent to hotels as soon as possible and isolated there."

MK Yisrael Eichler (UTJ) also protested the lockdowns, saying they concentrate only on the haredi community.

"We cannot turn the haredim into a sacrifice for the media," he said. "Experience has shown that after the lockdown on Bnei Brak was lifted, they marked every building which had a lot of coronavirus patients, and put up signs listing the rules of quarantine and the required precautions."

"The patients were taken to [coronavirus] hotels, and thus the chain of contagion was stopped.

"We must reopen the [coronavirus] hotels which were closed, and evacuate patients there by consent only. It will save the hospitals a lot of money. That is what ended, in the first wave of infections, the wave of contagion in the 'red' neighborhoods, and that is the only thing which will end the second wave."

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