Kupfer at Sovereignty vigil tent
Kupfer at Sovereignty vigil tentSovereignty Movement

Israël is Forever Organization Chairman Jack Kupfer today attended the Sovereignty Movement vigil tent in front of the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem.

Kupfer spoke to attendees, opening with the statement, "I'm a Betari, a student of Ze'ev Jabotinsky, a student of those who guard Jewish pride and the future of the Jewish People, and wherever our enemies stand I've learned that we need to stand stronger and fight against them."

In his remarks, Kupfer referred to the silencing directed at the Israeli Right. "The Left doesn't know that if we cannot speak we will only be left the option to shout. They don't want us to talk. At this time we have a much more dangerous virus than the virus we're fighting these days, it's the Palestinian virus that is deadly and has turned over the Jewish world; it infected the Supreme Court, the press, television, part of academics; this Palestinianism brings Jews to their knees in Rabin Square. This Palestinianism is dangerous and convinces the Jewish mind that there's such a people as 'Palestinian'."

Kupfer mentioned Menachem Begin's approach to calling the "Palestinians" "Arabs of Israel", saying, "There was never any Palestinian people and no Palestinian state existed in the past or in the future. This war is most important to us. If we don't know that Bethlehem, Hebron, and Shechem are ours then what is our right to Tel Aviv? We came here in the merit of our ancestors. We're here by right of power and by the power of our right and shouldn't apologize for it.

"Those who are infected with the Palestinian virus also want to scare us that we'll see pressure from all over the world that we won't be able to withstand," Kupfer said, mocking the attempt to scare the people of Israel: "From the King of the Jordan, the king who stole three-quarters of the land of Israel from the People of Israel and the State of Israel. He still lives there thanks to the people of Israel and he dares to tell us that Judea and Samaria aren't ours? It's time to remind him of the song we always sang 'Jordan's ours too'. "

In his remarks, Kupfer also dismissed the attempt to intimidate the people of Israel with the answer of "the successor of the Nazi Mufti, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the Holocaust denier in Ramallah who continues to educate the children of the PA on hatred of the Jewish People and also denies our rights to the entire Land of Israel. We're supposed to fear him? We, the seventh greatest superpower in the world, should be afraid of some hooligans, criminals, and terrorists who tell us the ground will burn? The IDF can't beat them? We're not allowed to win and provide a proper answer?

"I know that we have Chiefs of Staff who think the aim in war is a ceasefire, but our example is that of Joshua Ben Nun. The purpose of war is victory and eliminating the enemy," stated Kupfer, who also mentioned the EU position:

"Germany's Foreign Minister arrives here to tell us what to do. Him, whose father and grandfather are responsible for the death of six million Jews who are missing here in the Land of Israel, them and their tens of millions of grandchildren. He comes to tell us that Judea and Samaria should become Judenrein and we accept it? We let him speak in our eternal capital, Jerusalem?

"The truth is that our illness that infects so many people is an illness that spreads outwards and if we can't say that Israel is our country, how can we demand the gentiles say it?" he asked, recounting an article by the Leftist Commanders for Israel's Security published in French Le Monde, where they attack sovereignty. "Our history is stronger than their signatures. It's time to win. I tell the Prime Minister, as a student of Jabotinsky, it's time to stand up and tell the whole world with Zionist pride 'it's all mine' and apply sovereignty now."