Coalition Head Member of Knesset Miki Zohar came today to the Sovereignty Tent Vigil, set up by the Sovereignty Movement in front of the Prime Minister’s Office, and made remarks praising the fight for Sovereignty and against a Palestinian state: "It's very, very dangerous to the Israeli people, but it's also dangerous to the Palestinian people, because they won't get democracy, they will get dictatorship," Zohar said.

"This country is ours, and it's ours by right and was given to us by G-d 3,500 years ago, so we are going to fight for this and we hope that the American community and also President Trump support us in this fight, I think we are right, and hopefully it will happen and we will see."

Zohar stated that the Sovereignty Movement’s fight for the application of sovereignty is a critical fight on behalf of the Land of Israel and that the people in Israel indeed support the application of sovereignty over the entire Land, as it is the Land of our forefathers. He also emphasized his commitment to the second part of the tent vigil’s slogan, which is ‘No to Palestine’. “This is what I always say, with G-d’s help, we will apply sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel, at first in coordination with the American plan, over at least part of Judea and Samaria, but there is no way that we will allow the government or the Knesset to recognize the principle of establishing a Palestinian state, Heaven forbid. This must not happen and we will not allow it to happen”.

In his remarks, Zohar mentioned the Prime Minister’s words in a meeting of the Likud faction. “The Prime Minister said clearly that he is willing to conduct negotiations on the basis of the plan but not to allow the government or the Knesset to recognize the establishment of a Palestinian state”.

Member of Knesset Zohar also noted other matters that must be addressed, such as the concern for the security of traffic on the roads of Judea and Samaria as well as the concern for the Jewish communities and outposts. “We will not allow any Jew to be uprooted from his home. These are things that I have said and the Prime Minister said these things at the meeting of the Likud faction”.

MK Zohar noted the special friendship with the American administration and expressed the hope that by virtue of this friendship, the People of Israel will be allowed what it deserves to do, to build homes and live in the Land that was promised by the Holy One, blessed be He, thousands of years ago. “When we reach the goal that we aspire to, the Palestinians will also be able to live comfortably and prosperously. We do not wish to harm them but we will not allow them to harm us, and the faith in the justice of our cause”.

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