One Efrat neighborhood
One Efrat neighborhoodMordechai Sones

Rabbi Uri Samet of Kibbutz Migdal Oz was appointed acting Rabbi of Efrat Local Council in Gush Etzion.

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel announced to Rabbi Samet that it had decided to appoint him as a marriage registrar and kashrut supervision provider in Efrat.

Chief Rabbinate Council Secretary Rabbi Yitzchak Daniel wrote to Rabbi Samet that "this appointment is in effect until a permanent appointment is made or until his retirement from office as rabbi of the kibbutz, whichever comes first."

Rabbi Samet received the appointment to sign marriage certificates and kosher certificates until a new rabbi is appointed, and has no powers beyond that.

Samet will replace Rabbi Shlomo Riskin (80), Efrat Local Council rabbi who has been in office since the establishment of the Council.

Rabbi Riskin was a community rabbi in the United States, gathered with him a group of families from the community who immigrated to Israel together in 1983 as part of the first families to settle Efrat in Gush Etzion. Since then, Rabbi Riskin has been identified with the community and is one of Efrat's most prominent figures.