Ventilator Flash 90

The Coronavirus Cabinet today voted unanimously to adopt the Health, Treasury, and Defense Ministries' proposal for a reference scenario to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The scenario forms a basis for all government systems to assume, and the scenario's parameters will guide the government in preparing and equipping the health system.

At the meeting, however, it was emphasized that the scenario reflects the system's ability to withstand and does not represent a forecast of numbers of patients. In this context, it was decided to prepare for an additional 2,000 patients requiring ventilator for coronavirus and 2,000 requiring ventilator for other diseases.

Prime Minister Netanyahu stressed at the meeting the need to observe all preventive measures so as not to reach the reference scenario, and that was also the general position of the Coronavirus Cabinet Ministers.

Cabinet ministers are now discussing practical steps needed in the immediate future to allow for a slowdown in infection and to prevent deterioration into undesirable scenarios.