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A new website launched by the pro-Israel watchdog group Im Tirtzu lists dozens of Israeli academics who, Im Tirtzu claims, promote BDS and other anti-Israel activity in Israel and abroad.

The website, "Know the Anti-Israel Israeli Professor," contains a listing of 150 Israeli professors who are involved in anti-Israel activity such as promoting BDS, encouraging international pressure on Israel, accusing the IDF of war crimes, and calling to refuse service in the IDF.

In May 2019, Im Tirtzu launched a similar website in Hebrew listing dozens of Israeli academics who teach in Israeli universities. The new English website also includes Israeli professors who teach outside of Israel.

"The mission of the website is to create an understanding that the international BDS and delegitimization phenomenon against Israel does not exist in a vacuum; rather, it is often created, bolstered, and spearheaded by Israelis themselves," says the website.

The website continues: "Radical Israeli academics are often at the forefront of the boycott and delegitimization campaigns against Israel. By virtue of being Israeli, these radical professors are viewed by the outside observer as neutral and credible authorities on matters concerning Israel."

"This unearned credibility is then used by Israel-haters worldwide to attack Israel, justifying their bigotry with the logic, 'Israelis themselves are the ones saying these things, not me!'"

Im Tirtzu lists 10 guidelines that warrant inclusion in the website, including voicing support for BDS, promoting international pressure on Israel, and accusing the IDF of war crimes and purposefully murdering innocent people.

Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu, said that there is no parallel in the world to the actions exhibited by these radical Israeli professors, who work relentlessly to slander and damage Israel.

"While tremendous amounts of resources are invested in Israel and throughout the world to combat BDS and delegitimization against Israel, these morally bankrupt Israeli professors – many of whom are funded by the Israeli taxpayer – are undermining these efforts," said Peleg.

Peleg added: "Our website will be an important resource for students, as well as for the broader public who value both Israel and the truth.