The Sovereignty Movement began its protest outside the Prime Minister's Occice against the plan to apply sovereignty in parts of Judea and Samaria at the cost of the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state.

"We are here, Sunday morning, starting a three-day reserve duty across from the Prime Minister's Office with a very clear message: Yes to sovereignty over the land of Israel, no to the creation of a Palestinian state," Sovereignty Movement co-founder Nadia Matar told Arutz Sheva.

"Our message to the prime minister is: Have the courage like Levi Eshkol and Menachem Begin ... who did the right thing and applied sovereignty without any linkage to any compromises," she said.

"Unfortunately, we have here a very weird situation, where on the one hand, President Trump and his administration has declared that the Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel, that the Jewish communities are legal because this is our land, and we praise and applaud the president for that. And then came the shock. The Trump document, the plan, is a complete contradiction of those statements, Because the Trump plan basically talks about giving only 30% of sovereignty to the Jewish people, but the majority of this document, Peace to Prosperity, over 95% of this document is talking about the creation of a Palestinian state.

"We ask, how can that be?" she asked "If this is our land, and we are here legally, and G-d gave us this land, then who revived the idea of a Palestinian state? How come we are supposed to give over 70% of our homeland to a population that is not a people, that invaded our country, that attacked us - they are terrorists - and we have to give to them and create a state in our homeland?"

"So our message to the prime minister is: Be strong, be like the previous leaders who did not have a problem defying the Americans' wishes. Menachem Begin, Levi Eshkol, even Ehud Olmert with whom we have a lot of disagreement.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu, our message to you is very simple: apply sovereignty without any linkage to the Trump deal," she declared. "The majority of the Likud is against a Palestinian state. The majority of the right-wing camp is against a Palestinian state. The majority of the Jewish people is against a Palestinian state."

"What we oppose is not only the details of the plan, the fact that parts of the Negev are being given over, the fact that Jerusalem is divided, the fact that close to 20 communities are going to be abandoned, the fact that most of the communities are going to be strangled, the fact that Area C is basically going to be lost to us. Those are additional problems with the Trump plan. What is the main problem? The moral problem. The Trump plan starts by equating the Jewish people and the Arabs, as if there is here two equal populations who equally deserve land, who equally deserve self-determination.

"The sovereignty movement is an ideological movement, and that is our main opposition," she said. "How dare anyone write such a document where morally we are being equated to the terrorists who keep on committing terror only because they hope they can get our land. This land belongs to the Jewish people and only to the Jewish people."

"W have a national outline plan in which we discuss exactly what to do with the question of the 1.8 million Arabs - who, by the way, have a secret. Also the Arabs here do not want the Palestinian Authority, they do not want a Palestinian state. The majority of the Arabs here in Judea and Samaria say it very clearly when they are not on camera: We prefer being residents under Israeli control and sovereignty than t be citizens under a Palestinian state.

"If you want real peace, if you want stability, if you want calm in the Middle East, the one and only plan is sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel between the sea and the Jordan River, the land that belongs to the Jewish people. That will bring stability and that will bring prosperity to Jews and Arabs alike," Matar said.