Hila Shay Vazan
Hila Shay Vazan Public Relations

Hila Shay Vazan, who is due to enter the Knesset on behalf of the Blue and White party following the passage of the Norwegian Law, declared this morning, Sunday, that she is in favor of applying sovereignty.

"I'm totally right-wing," she said in an interview with Benny Teitelbaum on Kan Moreshet. "As for annexation, there are opinions and there are positions."

"My opinions are clear," she elaborated. "I've always belonged to the right side of the [political] map and that won't change, but as mentioned, I'm part of a party and there will be a clear position presented by the party's chairman, and we will all be part of that position."

"As far as applying sovereignty is concerned, we are at the very beginning of a process. The path is long, I don't think it will happen on July 1st."

When Shay Vazan was asked what she would vote for if freedom of vote was given to Knesset members from the Blue and White party, she replied: "I am in favor of applying sovereignty."

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