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Many people would like to visit Israel this summer, but aren't able to travel because of the economic downturn or the Corona Virus. If you are like the many in that same boat, there is something you can do to help Israel from the comfort of your hometown.

Purchase Israeli products whenever possible. It's the next best thing to being there yourself. By buying Israeli, your dollars will greatly benefit the economy.

It may cost a little more to buy Israeli, but the extra dollar or two spent is well worth it. By suppporting factories and workers in Israel, you make it easier for Israeli families to purchase within Israel. They then purchase products and services that provide income and employment to other families. Each dollar you spend provides exponential economic benefits.

Israeli products are easy to find. Most grocery stores have an Israeli/kosher product section. I make sure to swing by and buy olives, pickles, cheese, dairy products, candy, shabbat candles, wine and crackers whenever I shop. All are high quality and a good value. If you don't use them yourself, give them as gifts to others. If you feel threatened by going to the Israeli/kosher section of your local store, you can purchase online.

It makes my Shabbat that much more special knowing that my candles and food come from a factory in Israel.
It is important to verify that things are in-fact manufactured in Israel. The packaging is often deceiving. For example, Sabbath candles and other items appear to be Israeli, but they are actually manufactured in China. Always check the label for the made in Israel mark. It makes my Shabbat that much more special knowing that my candles and food come from a factory in Israel.

Israeli made corporate and personal gifts are available and plentiful online. Several websites specialize in providing made-in-Israel items. I try to purchase them when sending someone a gift.

If you know someone in Israel who has a store, buy products through them. It involves extra effort, but it is worth it.

Additionally, consider sending money to your friends who live in Israel and have them dine out on you. This is another way to help Israel.

I calculate that if a million friends of Israel spend ten dollars every week on Israeli goods, it would inject an additional half billion dollars into Israel's economy. Multiply that by the second and third tier benefit that the money provides and results of your good deed climbs into the billions.