National Guard officers look on as demonstrators rally near the White House
National Guard officers look on as demonstrators rally near the White HouseReuters

With fanaticism and iconoclastic fury, the statues of southern Confederate leaders, such as Robert Lee, were the first to fall. An easy job, how can we disagree?

Then they went to hit the stones of Christopher Columbus, the “exterminator of Indians”. Here they had a small jolt, given that he is still the man who discovered America and we are talking about five centuries ago.

Following that, on to the monuments to Thomas Jefferson, the Enlightenment statesman who wrote the Declaration of Independence. Here it was a little more controversial, but not much, because Jefferson may have been a hero of the separation of church and state, a Founding Father, but he was still a famous slave owner.

Removing the Columbus statues should be the easy part, like deleting Andrew Jackson's name and face from American highways, campuses and currencies, The New Republic wrote last week. "Who is next? George Washington? Teddy Roosevelt? Abraham Lincoln? You certainly won't agree with their demolition.” Instead, a resounding Yes.

Now in Boston, the famous statue to the president who paid with his life for the liberation of the slaves of America is about to fall. For some years now the ever-green terrain of “diversity” has been plowed well against Lincoln as well. "Was Lincoln an incorrigible racist?" asked slavery scholar Manisha Sinha in the Washington Post.

For over a hundred years, the Lincoln statue has dominated Park Square in Boston, in homage to the president known as the "Great Emancipator" - of black slaves. Lincoln is seen standing over a black slave who is on his knees, while one of the President's hands is stretched out over the man who has broken the chains on his wrists. Now a black man, Tory Bullock, asks to bring down the statue, because Lincoln is not a liberator to him, he sees only a white man standing over a kneeling black boy.

Boston Mayor Marty J. Walsh said he was in favor of removing the statue, a replica of the Emancipation Memorial in Washington, which was donated to Boston in 1879 by Moses Kimball. He says that in addition to removing the statue, it could be redone to embody equality.

How about a kneeling Lincoln, in homage to the humiliation that is worn so prevalently in the West today? And why not go on to bombing Mount Rushmore, where you see George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, two slave owners?

America is comparatively new, it has no history such as Europe. Its history is to be found in these monuments and the men they memorialize. Take them down and you will have an empty public space to be filled by the ideological, grotesque manias coming out of liberal universities.

At this rate, these anti-racists will ask to repaint and change the name of The White House to The Black House. It may have already happened as I write this article.