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Out with the old, in with the new. That is the maxim the T1 tact watch company is embracing this season. If you know the joy of having a superb tactical smartwatch, then you do understand how imperative it is to have a great site to shop for a watch.

Good news:

Now, they have a new site!

And we would like you to see what the new site has to offer. So stay put and be ready to be wowed.

But first, before we get into the whole shebang, we would like to school a few guys who might not know a thing or two about a tactical watch and what makes it a tactical watch. So as a courtesy call, let’s take a detour to find out what makes a wristwatch a tactical piece. The following should be your guiding light.

Features of the best tactical watch

Just from the name ‘tactical’, you gather that these wristwatches are meant for people into tactical activities including special forces and extreme sports. For sure you have seen a military movie and seen how physically trying the situations can be, so now, picture a watch that would fit such a scenario.

Toughness and scratch-resistant

When in the field, you are always on the move and having to bump into one or two things is expected. With that said, you have to have a timepiece that will stand the test of time and take in the shock by not breaking. More so, getting scratches as you go. Because of that, a tactical watch is a piece with at least sapphire glass that is scratch and break-proof. The material most top military watches are made of is mostly titanium, carbon, or something else sturdy for durability and shock absorption.

Luminescent digits or hands

Imagine hunting in the jungle in the dark of night, and you would like to see what time it is. Most watches will have a light button, but a tactical smartwatch will have a glow-in-the-dark interface that lets you know what the time is without necessarily pressing any button.


Mechanical watches are great, but they are not ideal for an activity that even the slightest time mistake might cost you. Precision is crucial, and so a t1 tact watch will have the accuracy of a hawk. The best tactical watches have a digital approach to things that rarely need any readjustment. Instead, they use satellite tech to readjust the time. Even when you cross borders, you will always know what time it is.

Water and pressure resistance

Swimmers, deep-sea divers, and any person into extreme water sports use a gym smartwatch to check the time, monitor their heartbeats as well as tell how deep or fast they are in the water. Do you see where we are going with this? Water resistance and pressure is a crucial element to a tactical watch. A standard clock would stop the moment to get into the water, let alone deep waters, hence the importance of a fitted well-structured wristwatch that can withstand the water and the pressure. The amount of pressure a piece can withstand is usually written at the back of the timepiece.

It is not only in water but also in the mountains and high altitudes that pressure can affect your piece.

Extra features that fit your adventure

Some pieces will work best for rock climbers and some for deep-sea divers or mountain bike riders, and this is because of the features they come with. Some will have an altimeter, others timers, pedometer, pressure readings, goal setting, so on and so forth. These will be things that you would never typically find on an everyday timepiece.

With that out of the way, now you know telling a tactical watch from the rest. Now, let us dig into the new site.

Gym Smartwatch Band 2
Gym Smartwatch Band 2 T1 Tact Watch Co

T1 Tact Watch new site — an evolution of the century

Making a debut into the market and actually making sales is a remarkable effort. It shows that you are doing something are you are doing it right. But then again, it comes a time that you have to evolve and give clients something new, exciting, and most importantly, profitable. The T1 tact watch company’s new site, for sure hit the nail in the head. Wondering how here is how!

The new layout is spectacular

The older website did its part; that we cannot deny. But in comparison to the new site, wow! The makeover is a big upgrade.

The company has taken to a more orderly arrangement that you will see a more smooth manoeuvre through the site.

For starters, the control panel has five sections that you can click on to find what you want. There is the smartwatches tab, accessories tab, the ‘my account’ tab, a blog tab, and about us tab. And a closer look above these labels you will find all the social media icons.

As you scroll down, you get the feel of freedom as the interface is not crowded, giving you ample space to see everything as it is. It is not too hard on the eyes and most noted, it is short and sweet. No wasting time scrolling your fingers sore!

Fewer words, more pictures

Secondly, you are met with a strategically placed photo of the authentic “Midnight Diamond” t1 tach watch, the first and most popular model of the brand. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words; well, this picture speaks volumes for sure. The snap also contains other timepieces that you will have to see to believe. If you ask anyone, they will attest that it ushers you into the tactical world as the items seem to be camouflaging well suspended in the smokey effect.

Well, if you are worried you will not get as much info as before, worry not as all the wordings have been well arranged for you under the hot topics and the blog sections of the site. Yet again, the fitness watch is displayed to its best in pictures on every corner of the website.

Exciting discounts

Here’s the kicker;

The exciting discounts that come with the products are unmatched. We now all know that the smartwatch with camera remote control features cannot be purchased anywhere but the t1 tact watch official website. With that said, you will get the piece at a discounted price of $94.99 from the original price of $149.99.

You what to see more discounts, head to the site, and see for yourself.

Promising new devices

Who would not want a better version of their gym smartwatch going for a more affordable price? Well, believe it or not, on the site you will get a sneak peek of the new piece that is similar to fit bit but a much better price. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

Even better news!

The debut is not limited to just one piece but two — double the joy, double the gain. The pieces will still be jam-packed with features that are fit as a gym, rock-climbing, or a military watch.

Tracking on all your orders

The anxiety and uncertainty that comes with ordering online are eliminated when you order through the site. Once your order is dispatched, you get to trace it all the way until it reaches your doorstep. If that is not a great customer and goods care, then what is?

How to join in the fun

Remember earlier when we mentioned about the ‘my account’ tab, now that is where you get to join the T1 tact watch family. The website is transparent laying it all out if you have any questions. Of which we highly doubt you will have any as the blog section has got you covered on most of the queries you might have.

If you have been wondering how to clean your smartwatch or how the features of a gym smartwatch may help in this coronavirus pandemic, they have got you covered on these and so much more.

With an account up and running, you can order any piece you so wish to get. And to make the work easy, when you come back, all your data will be secure and saved until your next purchase.

If ever you have a burning issue or a simple compliment, you are at liberty to do so by phone, email, or if you are feeling old school, a handwritten letter to their address. All the details are openly put at the footer section of the site.

Why you need a t1 tactical piece

Today everyone has a smartwatch, but the t1 tact smartwatches are just what you need. Fashion-forward, durable, and jam-packed with features fit for the outdoors are what you need. The best part is that they are very pocket-friendly that will not poke a hole in your finances.

You may want a smartwatch, but one from this brand is what you need!

And popularity is not driven by the fact a former internet celebrity is behind the brand. It’s actually driven by usability. Brands use mega pop stars like Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, Will-i-am of Black Eyed Peas [ read about his smartwatch venture], and others to sell products but the owner of T1TW has remained quite silent. However, the owner is connected to several A-list names in the entertainment industry.

Take away

By now you must be itching to visit the site, so we will not hold you any longer. But before you go, just know that you are in for a treat. If you have not been wowed in a while, this is your day. All smartwatch lovers, get ready for a purchase of a lifetime. Now, go forth and enjoy a world-class shopping experience on the new site.

Note to shoppers and those reading T1 Tact Watch reviews: Avoid fakes. This brand is exclusive for now. The official shop and store is . All others are counterfeiting the American brand.

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