EU High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell Monday held a Foreign Affairs Council video conference with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss transatlantic relations and key foreign policy issues for the European Union and the United States.

Borrell said: "On the Middle East Peace Process, we made it clear that it is important to encourage the Israelis and the Palestinians to engage in a credible and meaningful political process.

"We recognize that the United States’ plan created a certain momentum about a political process that had stopped for too long, and this momentum can be used to start joint international efforts on the basis of existing internationally-agreed parameters. We, from the European Union, stand ready to help and to facilitate such a process.

"We were also clear about the consequences of a possible annexation for the prospects of a two-state solution, but also for regional stability. On that I think that many Member States were very clear about it."

Some member states also raised the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and recent escalations by Turkey. Borrell said: "We agreed on the need for de-escalation and to return to a true partnership. There have been some incidents during the last days around Operation Irini. We are aware of that and tomorrow we will talk about it in the Council of Defense Ministers."