PM Netanyahu and MK Gantz
PM Netanyahu and MK Gantz Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Senior Blue and White officials have sent messages to the Likud demanding changes to laws not included in the coalition agreements, Israel Hayom reported.

Only after the changes are made will they approve the change to the Alternate Prime Minister Law, which Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke about with MK Benny Gantz (Blue and White) on Sunday night.

According to the current law, an acting Prime Minister who causes the Knesset to disband will be removed from his position, which will immediately be given to the Alternate Prime Minister for the duration of the temporary government and the elections.

Due to concerns that the Supreme Court will invalidate the Alternate Prime Minister agreement, Netanyahu demanded in the coalition agreement that if the government is disbanded within six months of forming, Gantz will not become prime minister.

In his meeting with Gantz, Netanyahu requested to amend the law so that even if the Supreme Court interferes only after six months have passed, control will not be passed to Gantz. Such a move would prevent the Supreme Court from deciding to rule on the issue only after more time has passed.

On Monday morning, Blue and White sent a message that they will approve Netanyahu's request, in exchange for changes to other laws which are not included in the coalition agreement.

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