Two IDF soldiers on Friday recorded a violent attack by Jewish youths against an Arab in Hebron.

The security establishment said it was aware who the attackers were and had transferred the case to the Judea and Samaria police department.

According to a Channel 12 report, a Palestinian Authority Arab man was walking past an IDF outpost at approximately 12:00a.m. on Friday night when a number of hasidic Jews who had come across the man in the past launched a verbal assault against him.

The incident quickly deteriorated, with the attackers soon throwing punches at the Arab. An IDF soldier stationed nearby took notice of the brawl and interceded on behalf of the victim. While attempting to break up the fight, the soldier was attacked himself, but managed to get the melee under control and summon reinforcements to the area.

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir responded to the incident, saying: "The Jewish youths have stated that local Arabs had provoked them prior to the incident. One has to realize that Arabs in Hebron have picked up a new way of doing things – they provoke the Jews and then try to videotape their response."