Jews visit Temple Mount, Yom Kippur
Jews visit Temple Mount, Yom KippurFlash 90

A Waqf guard approached a Jewish woman visiting the Temple Mount and demanded that she stop photographing and even forbade her to discuss the temple. "You can't mention the temple –you're in a mosque," he told her.

Jerusalem resident Shaina Hirsch visited the Temple Mount yesterday. Due to her "secular" outward appearance, she was allowed to wonder around the premise unaccompanied by the Israeli police.

Hirsch broadcast her visit via her Facebook LIVE account.

At one point, a number of Waqf guards approached and ordered her to stop filming telling her "You can't mention the Temple here," and demanded that she leave the building.

At one point, she stopped filming, fearing arrest. The guards accompanied her to the exit, and she reported they even tried to confiscate her phone.

"They pushed me around, tried to take my phone away, and threatened to arrest me," she said. "I tried visiting my favorite historical site in Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and [mentioned] the temples that stood at this place when they suddenly approached me and told me to stop."

Hirsch added, "They claimed that since Adam and Eve only mosques have existed on the Temple Mount, and that the rest was just Zionist propaganda. They told me to stop talking about the Temple because it wasn't respectful. People need to know their history and this type of brainwashing and historical revision can't be allowed to go on."

Tom Nisani, chairman of Students for the Temple Mount, said: "When Israeli police are party to…removing and revising our history, and a tourist is prevented from shooting video and shamefully kicked out for doing so, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Public Security and others involved need to stop placing the blame with UNESCO or Europe for disregarding Jewish history in Jerusalem. Only on the Temple Mount can the government sponsor a complete revision of our history. Absolutely despicable," he stated.