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When the body is in athletic activity, it behaves differently and uniquely - the posture changes, the load and the weight change, the skeletal and muscular systems are exposed to greater than usual pressure, and the feet need to deal with balance, unusual pressure and load, which affect the bones and muscles.

Why do you need special insoles for running and for athletes?

The load applied to your body during exercise is enormous:

The load exerted on your feet while running, or speed walking, can reach twice your normal body weight and even more.

The cumulative pressure on the legs during a long run is even greater than that. Running is considered a cyclic sport, which is a sport in which the body repeats the same movement over and over, and the same organs experience continuous, unbalanced effort, which increases according to the running speed and weight of the athlete. As a result, several processes occur in the body:

  • The skeletal and muscular systems suffer from heavy loads and may be affected by the repeated and frequent shocks that occur during intense physical activity.
  • The heel is more exposed to injury than the other parts of the foot because it absorbs most of the load and is exposed to injuries.
  • The shocks have a long-term effect on the muscular and skeletal system and can impair function and performance, increase muscle fatigue and reduce pain endurance.
  • Weak muscles, which do not work regularly in the body, can be an inhibitory and slowing factor and may even cause pain.
  • Injuries among athletes are more common than in the rest of the population. and the most familiar injuries among those are in the legs
  • For example: Heel spurs, ligament overstretch, ankle sprain and more.

Each of these situations can be avoided, or at least significantly reduced, with the use of insoles.

How do insoles protect your body?

Insoles for running and for athletes, give you the perfect support, depending on the sport you do: running, tennis, basketball, power walking, weight lifting and even aerobic exercise.

The structure of the insoles, their weight and the materials they are made of, their degree of flexibility and more - all these parameters help the insole manufacturers produce custom-made insoles for various sports.

The use of custom-made insoles helps protect the body from various types of damage, which tends to occur during intense sports, thanks to their ability to encourage natural and healthy movement and reduce the tendency for improper movements that can harm the body.

Insoles for athletes are made from a variety of quality raw materials, used as shock absorbers and even assist in absorbing sweat, protecting you from various injuries resulting from unbalanced loads and unbalanced movements and even preventing discomfort that can result from athletic activity and impair performance.

Quality insoles for running, according to tests at the Wingate Institute, help reduce effort, increase energy and improve running speed.

Custom-made insoles for athletes

  • If your sport is mainly walking, it is important for your insoles to be soft and flexible and allow proper foot movement. For you, the best fit will be insoles that mainly protect the foot cushion, where most of the load is concentrated during a long walk.
  • If your sport is running, you will need slightly harder insoles, which can absorb the massive loads on the foot while running, distribute them evenly across all parts of the foot and make sure that there is no overload caused to the other parts.

What are insoles for athletes made of?

When making insoles for athletes, a special composition of materials and a unique structure of the insole are used to deal with the unique loads and stresses caused to athletes' feet:

A layer that absorbs the energy generated when stepping on the foot and releasing the energy for repetitive motion, which increases the running speed while reducing the load. A layer that absorbs the shocks and ideally distribute the load on the foot. A layer that protects the body from mechanical abrasion and sweat. Bottom layer, which protects the heel and protects the arch of the foot. Bottom layer, which distributes the load obtained from stepping on the ground

Summary – Insoles for athletes - An essential item

Innovative and advanced manufacturing technologies, alongside top quality raw materials, make insoles for athletes a must-have item, which mainly protects the feet from various injuries and damages, but also preserves the entire skeletal system and muscles involved during a strenuous activity.

Custom-made insoles protect the whole body, help reduce and balance loads on the feet and various body parts and dramatically help athletes improve their performance.

Certainly custom-made insoles for running and for athletes are a must-have item.

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