Prof. Phyllis Chesler
Prof. Phyllis CheslerINN:PC

It’s the French Revolution and the Russian and Chinese Communist Revolution in America.

Insurrection is the name of the game—and the Gaza-style Intifada, which has dominated campus revolts for a long time has now taken to the streets and has been there for weeks now. Today, a group of “militants” has taken over six city blocks in Seattle and issued a long, long list of demands.

I’ve been told that a mob has be-headed the statue of Christopher Columbus in Boston and are demanding that we celebrate an Indigenous People’s Day—and forget about Columbus. In Bristol, England, the statue of an 18th century slave trader has been toppled.

Can be-headings of people be far behind?

This very literal, quite concrete set of actions are attempts to rewrite, deny, and disappear history. However, without it, what would the permanently aggrieved have to focus upon?

Do the looters, ANTIFA rioters, and protestors have jobs?
There’s more. HBO has withdrawn “Gone With the Wind” until it can accompany it with a politically correct discussion about slavery in the South and the NYT is devoting 60% or more of its coverage to Black Folk and Racism daily, every day. (Not entirely a bad thing but it is certainly a driving force for the anarchy and destruction that’s upon us.)

If the Wuhan Virus ends, people can return to their jobs. But do the looters, ANTIFA rioters, and protestors have jobs? Will our lives ever be safe again?

The protestors are telling us that life has never been safe for black people in America. The experts are telling us that black on black violence, including homicide, is far more of a factor in black deaths than at police hands. Other experts are telling us that the opposite is true.

We are having a new kind of Civil War, tragically, a Race War too, one that I’d predicted long ago.

I am curious: Churches and synagogues have been defaced in the last two weeks in America. Have any mosques been similarly defaced?

A close friend just told me that her husband had lain awake in bed last night saying Kaddish for America.

Prof. Phyllis Chesler is a Ginsburg-Ingerman Fellow at the Middle East Forum, received the 2013 National Jewish Book Award,.authored 18 books, including Women and Madness and The New Anti-Semitism, and 4 studies about honor killing, Her latest books are An American Bride in Kabul, A Family Conspiracy: Honor Killing and A Politically Incorrect Feminist.