Tuvia Yanai Weisman
Tuvia Yanai Weisman from Faceebook

The appeals court on Wednesday handed down a life sentence to the 14-year-old terrorist who murdered Yanai Weissman in a stabbing attack at the Rami Levi grocery store at Sha’ar Binyamin four years ago, Channel 13 reported.

In the ruling, the judges accepted the military prosecution's appeal demanding an increase in the severity of the sentence, after two other terrorists in the squad were sentenced to life and 35 years in prison.

Two weeks ago, Avi Avital, who was wounded in the attack, sued the Palestinian Authority for NIS 20 million.

The lawsuit filed in the Jerusalem District Court read, "The Palestinian Authority has made its goal increasing terrorism and [murdering more Jews] and it does so with full force. It supports and funds evil murderers, encouraging them from the day they are born to carry out these acts and therefore bears direct responsibility for the attempted murder of the petitioner."

"The terrorist who murdered Weissman planned in advance, with two other terrorists, to carry out a stabbing attack against Jews at the commercial complex at Sha'ar Binyamin. The squad members were equipped with knives and arrived at the scene to carry out the attack."

The squad members first severely wounded Avi Avital, and then stabbed to death Sgt Tuvia Yanai Weissman, who fought valiantly with the terrorists and thwarted the continuation of the attack. He was awarded for his bravery and personal example during the attack by the Head of Central Command."

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