Aviv Geffen
Aviv Geffen Flash 90

The city of Bnei Brak sent a letter to singer Aviv Geffen following the conciliatory interview he gave to journalist Dana Weiss of Channel 12.

"The coronavirus period was charged and complex for Israel as a whole and our city in particular. Along with the national medical challenge, the city struggled with widespread criticism of its residents. We felt we were paying a heavy price amid days of frustration, difficulty and pain."

“Your conduct and words were like cool water to a thirsty soul and showed the beauty of mankind, the unifying, the respectful, and the common foundation of our existence as a nation. In the name of the entire city - thank you!” the letter, reported by journalist Ran Boker, read.

In the interview, Geffen had said, “I performed at Amphi Shuni [theater]...I asked viewers to leave Bnei Brak alone. I told them that they [residents of Bnei Brak] believe in G-d and I in Google. And apparently someone forwarded by phone number to residents of the city.”

He continued, “When I left the stage, I opened my phone, and there were some-420 messages from residents of Bnei Brak. I read them and started to cry."

"For years, we learned how to hate the Other - 'he's religious, he's secular.' And I was even already a soldier in that game [...] Suddenly I realized [I was just like them].

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