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As the coronavirus pandemic raged around the world and people abroad made frantic efforts to return home, emissaries of the World Bnei Akiva organization stayed put, remaining on the job in countries around the world with the goal of providing aid and Jewish communal services during this difficult period.

“The corona period is a very, very challenging period in terms of our educational work in Jewish communities,” said Hannan Magal, a Bnei Akiva emissary in Rome.

“Purim, Pesach, the national holidays could have easily disappeared under the radar because of the hourly worries and troubles brought on by the coronavirus.”

“We, the emissaries, were there to make sure that no one in the Jewish community in Rome and the Diaspora in general, remained without spiritual guidance.”

The World Bnei Akiva organization is now calling on the public to help support its work around the world, in a fundraising campaign which is part of the Arutz Sheva and Charidy Week of Solidarity.

World Bnei Akiva co-chairman Dov Meyer lauded the work of emissaries who remained in their host countries during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure that Jewish spiritual life continues uninterrupted.

“During the coronavirus period, despite the difficulties, World Bnei Akiva’s activity intensified. We didn’t give up on any opportunity to connect our students to the unique values of the movement. Our dedicated emissaries, who chose to remain in their positions despite the illness, are evidence that solidarity between brothers and sisters is not only through easy times, but also through difficult times.”

“Join us today to ensure the continuity of the Jewish soul yearning for its Torah, its land, and its people.”

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