Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Kobi Richter / TPS

Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett brought families of victims of terrorism to attend the weekly Yamina faction meeting Monday to protest the freezing of the order against Palestinian Authority banks which are used to transfer funds to terrorists.

"The Israeli government has decided to stop the pursuit of terrorists and make things easier for them," Bennett argued at the start of his remarks.

"On May 10, an order that I executed as Defense Minister came into force, which for the first time prohibited banks in the Palestinian Authority from transferring funds to terrorist families, to murderers. We are talking about NIS 100 million a month. The order went into effect on May 10, but Benny Gantz came into office and in essence cancelled the order. This is almost the first act of Benny Gantz as defense minister," Bennett said.

"Nobody understands the logic. As we try to find out, we are explaining that in the course of sovereignty we want to calm and appease the Palestinians. We are told that the families of murderers and terrorists were angry, triggering violence against the banks and the heads of the PA. The heads of the authority put pressure on the defense minister, and the defense minister has suspended it," he added.

I call on our prime ministers Gantz and Netanyahu - restore the order. Stop transferring funds to terrorists. You have to know that all this money goes through. It comes to the murders, the terrorists, and the families of terrorists killed while carrying out an attack. They are the fuel that drives the crux of terrorism,” Bennett stated.

"Most of the terrorism today is driven by financial incentive. The 'exit' for a Palestinian is the murder of Jews. Without this the incentive goes away, so we have to stop it. The decision by Netanyahu and Gantz gives a tailwind to terrorism."