Israel Employment Service in Jerusalem
Israel Employment Service in JerusalemYossi Zamir/Flash90

Beginning on Sunday, June 14, the Israel Employment Service will reopen its offices to the unemployed, and Israelis will be able to come in after scheduling an appointment.

Those Israelis who are currently receiving unemployment benefits due to the coronavirus crisis will continue to receive the benefits automatically. However, those who file for unemployment after June 14 will be required to appear at their local office within two weeks.

Since the coronavirus shutdown, those filing for unemployment benefits have been exempt from the usual requirement to appear at the Israel Employment Service office both at the beginning of their job search and every two weeks thereafter.

In a statement, Israel Employment Services said the goal is to "return to conducting employment tests in accordance with the law, while aiding and directing [job seekers] to appropriate employment during this complex period. During the meetings, occupational advice will be provided, in which mapping will be conducted and obstacles will be removed so that [the person] can be integrated into the workforce. Aid in locating appropriate positions and tools to support successful placement will also be provided."

Each meeting lasts approximately fifteen to twenty minutes, and only two job seekers will be allowed per coordinator at a given time: the person who is in the meeting, and the person who is waiting his turn.

Appointments can be made via telephone. Those who do not have a prior appointment will not be allowed into the offices.