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Cindy GroszCourtesy of Cindy Grosz

Yes, we are all upset by what we witnessed for over eight minutes on a tape. Horrible. Nobody should die like that, we all agree, black, brown, white, young, old, progressive or conservative. Sympathies go to the family and friends of George Floyd.

And nobody should walk away from perpetuating that horror. I’m not an attorney, but based on just the video, I believe that possibly a murder one, premeditated murder, indictment should be given to Derek Chauvin.

Let us look at the larger picture, the riots and violence, demands and statements. Do you know who gets hurt the most from the Black Lives Matter organization activism? Black and minority communities.

Do you know who gets hurt the most from the Black Lives Matter organization activism? Black and minority communities.
When I was a little girl, my favorite teacher was Mr. C. He happened to be the only black person in a predominantly Jewish public school. He was the sharpest dresser, had a great smile and educated his students to excel. In fact, on his way home every day, while waiting for his bus, he would wait in my home and have a cup of coffee with my grandmother. He also gave hugs. Imagine that in a blue state public school today.

As a teacher, I think I made the ultimate sacrifice for black children, their families and their community. I exposed criminal activity, physical and emotional abuse by administration members, regardless of color, related to innocent students, as well as safety procedures deliberately ignored and not reported as mandated by law. I sued in Supreme Court first. My reward? A falsified counter suit, breaking retaliation laws and an unlawful termination. Remember, this is the same judicial system that now allows illegal immigrants, looters and those who willfully desecrate churches and synagogues and attack Jews to go free.

Moreover, I have long term relationships with many Republican Black congressional candidates including Burgess Owens in Utah and Kathy Barnette in Pennsylvania. And I have been a contributor every Wednesday morning on the radio show Battle4Freedom, hosted and created by a Black Conservative. (You can hear us anytime through iHeart Radio or iTunes.)

Now, I am being asked about “Black Lives Matter.” You know, the group coordinating rallies with Antifa and other groups of that nature.

Many Jews are sympathizing with them after the death of George Floyd. However, those same Jews are either ignorant and ignoring the facts about the group itself.

Black Lives Matter has a history of supporting the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement) and Palestinian Arab propaganda against Israel, including calling Israel responsible for “genocide.” Black Lives Matter has been criticized for not supporting Black law enforcement, women or blacks whose views are conservative, and now it is asking to defund the police.Black Lives Matter claims to support peace. Its members defend themselves as taking advantage of the First Amendment right of Freedom of Speech. I totally support our constitutional and civic rights. However, they also incite fear in their promotions, and there is a fine line that demarcates Free Speech, Peaceful Support and Igniting Fear and Bias.

Where was Black Lives Matter one year go when attacks on Jews were occurring?

BLM and 'Jewish privilege'
BLM and 'Jewish privilege'Cynthia Grosz

(Note: This flier is taken from social media and its source has not been substantiated)

Riots are not the anwser. We need the law of the land. Israel survives by it and so must the United States of America.

Jews were and still are demanding answers as to the spike of antisemitic attacks over the past two years. Where are the same legislators on local, state and federal levels punishing criminals attacking Jewish women in Crown Heights or destroying synagogues and cemeteries? I have yet to see one introduce stiffer punishments or actually publicly make a statement about an arrest of a single perpetrator.

They don’t have to—they know Jews are stuck in the “Kennedy White House Years” mentality.

It’s time to wake up!

Learn who and what you are standing for. Who was George Floyd? Floyd was being arrested for forging a $20 bill. Does it really matter if it was a $20 or $100 bill? He was also “high” on meth. Was he resisting arrest? He has a past that included prison time for armed robbery and three other sentences putting him in jail for cocaine. Starting in 2007, he spent five years in jail for armed robbery of a pregnant woman in her home.

While what we saw on the video tape was horrific, and the police officer seemed coldly vicious, now there are claims they had a personal relationship. There are claims they both were bouncers at a local club. There are unanswered questions.

Most Jews, in fact most people, don’t know this. When they hear Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton talking about Floyd and rights, they should examine their records on antisemitism.

And then there is Keith Ellison. He is the top lawyer for Minnesota investigationing the case. He ties to CAIR, the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan are well documented.

Instead of making conclusions before we know all of the facts, we should wait and see, and act on the laws of our religion and our land. Let’s find out all the facts of everyone involved, every detail.

Primaries will be taking place in many states across the America now. The New York primary is taking place on June 23rd. This vote is the most important vote of our lifetime, especially with the ongoing riots. And somehow, nobody is talking about the synagogues and Jewish businesses destroyed by the riots and violence, nor about the spate of antisemitism before the corona pandemic.

There seem to be no more moderate Democrats. One example, Queens Congresswoman Grace Meng, who relies on support from the religious Jewish voters and donors in her district, just endorsed AOC in her primary.

There is a concept of voting for the “lesser of two evils.” But that makes sense only in the primaries. Then, my advice is to research and vote in the general election in November for the best, pro-Israel candidates and not toe a party line.

There are qualified Republicans running against AOC, Meng, and every single Democrat who voted in March against legislation to bring additional sanctions against those who support BDS. (House Resolution 5595)

Think about the current Jewish Democratic congresspeople. Every single one of them will have to endorse the Biden ticket. Joe Biden has embraced the J Street endorsement and has made public statements of an anti-Israel foreign policy agenda. These candidates will also seek money from anti-Trump billionaires and every single one of them wants to embrace the Bernie Sanders followers.

Luckily, there are a record number of pro-Israel Republican Black and Jewish candidates. Black Republican candidates stand for school choice, the right to bear arms, separation of church and state and right to life. They also believe in a strong military and law enforcement.

Recent polls show Black support for President Trump is at 40 percent. It would be wonderful if Jews showed the same dedication for this pro-Israel president.

As I write this before Shabbos, I pray for peace. I pray for the sould of the retired black police officer who was murdered by looters, the so many black business owners whose businesses were destroyed, who like us are asking, why? I pray for Jews everywhere to wake up and start taking the time to learn the facts.

Blacks and pro-Israel Jews who respect the law and want the best for this country have more in common than most minority groups. Black Lives Matter may not think so, but that is the truth.

Cindy Grosz is a people's activist running for Congress in NY’s fourth district. She has a history of working with major Jewish organizations and political leaders on opposing BDS, oversight of antisemitic and anti-Zionist classroom curriculum, calling out Holocaust deniers, fighting the Iranian Nuclear Deal and supporting the rights of the Jews in Judea and Samaria. She can be reached at [email protected]