Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Kobi Richter / TPS

Former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett condemned the decision to suspend the order against Palestinian Authority banks through which salaries are paid to murderers of Jews and their families and called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to reinstate the policy.

"Netanyahu, restore the order prohibiting the transfer of salaries to terrorists which Gantz cancelled," Bennett wrote on Twitter, blaming his replacement as Defense Minister for the change in policy.

"Gantz has succumbed to the PA's pressure, which was pressured by the families of terrorists. Why? Because the order was successful. The banks had to stop transferring terrorist funds.

"You can restore the order today and prevent the next murder," Bennett told the prime minister.

The order against the banks was signed less than a month ago by IDF Central Commander Nadav Padan.

According to a Reshet Bet report today, the order had obligated banks operating in the Palestinian Authority to freeze and close bank accounts used by imprisoned operatives and their families, after exposing them to lawsuits.

PA banks began shutting down the accounts of some prisoners and their families in recent days ahead of the new order taking effect.

Notice of the order's 45-day suspension was sent to the Palestinian Authority last night by decision of Defense Minister and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz.