Miri Regev
Miri Regev Yoni Kempinski

Transportation Minister Miri Regev responded Wednesday evening to the criticism she has received from the Blue and White party of her actions when serving as Culture and Sports Minister.

"Blue and White, open your ears: Even pandering to your base will not change the facts. You will not be able to erase the revolution that I brought to the world of culture in Israel, witnessed by the hundreds of authorities and cultural institutions that flourished during my tenure after being removed from the resources pie for years. The world of culture and sports in Israel was one of the first in the world to return to activity during the coronavirus crisis, including the opening of leagues," Regev said,

"The outline for assisting the world of culture during the coronavirus crisis was agreed upon with the Treasury during my tenure. I hope the Culture Ministry will do more than cut the films from the projects I led. A little modesty and humility won't hurt you," Regev said in response.

Earlier, the Blue and White party wrote in a tweet: "For the first time in years, everyone understands that there is an open ear at the Culture Ministry led by Culture Minister Hili Tropper."

The post was made in apparent response to comments Regev made to Yediot Aharonot that Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz is not ready to be prime minister.

"He is not ready. Let's see what happens in the coming year and a half. We'll see if he learns from the best and becomes ripe for the job," Regev said.

Her words sparked outrage from Blue and White. Prime Minister Netanyahu also reprimanded Regev, saying that the statements harmed the unity government.

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