Yeshiva students (stock)
Yeshiva students (stock)Aharon Krohn/Flash90

The Israeli Interior Ministry has retracted permission for single students to enter Israel, Yeshiva World News reported.

In recent weeks, the ministry had developed a program for educational institutions to obtain entry permits to Israel for their students. However, on Wednesday the ministry changed course, saying that entry permits will not longer be issued to single students, and those already issued are declared void.

According to YWN, many yeshiva students have applied for and received these permits, and many are already on their way to Israel.

As per the new decision, only single students who are currently airborne will be allowed to enter the country.

Married students and their families, however, will still be able to receive entry permits to enter Israel or use permits that have already been issued.

Sources quoted by YWN said that the reason for the reversal is the recent spike in coronavirus cases, but the report added that this has not been confirmed by ministry officials.