Rivlin at Elbit
Rivlin at ElbitMark Neiman, GPO

President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin today, Wednesday, visited the Elbit Systems Land Division. He was briefed on innovative developments the company is working on, visited the assembly line and was then given a practical demonstration of various products in the field of armaments. The president was accompanied on his visit by President and CEO of Elbit Systems Behzalel (Butzi) Machlis, Chairman of the Board of Elbit Systems Michael Friedman and EVP and General Manager of Land Division Ehud (Udi) Vered.

“Elbit is an asset to Israel’s security, a shining example of Israeli creativity and innovation. Israeli industry is the backbone of Israel’s economy,” said the president during his visit, when he was being shown the various technologies and innovative armaments. The president was also shown the technologies developed to deal with the coronavirus crisis, including a portable ventilator machine for medical teams in the field, or when there is a shortage of ventilators. The machine does not require a large team and could be of use in military settings or for ambulance crews.

“The coronavirus crisis presented Elbit with an opportunity to be involved in saving lives, producing the ventilator and developing communications systems for hospitals,” said the president. The speed with which you learned the material and dove into emergency projects for corona is a testament to the exceptional human capital that this place is made from. Your willingness to step up to the national challenge comes as no surprise. It is an example of the sense of mission that drives you. Carry on performing technological miracles. Combat is not something to enjoy working on. We seek peace, but we also value life. Our advanced technological capacity is what gives us a security advantage. It maintains the balance of power which is the guarantee of Israel’s security.”

President and CEO of Elbit Systems Behzalel (Butzi) Machlis: “I would like to thank President Rivlin for this visit and for the support he has shown to Israel’s defense industries over many years. Our strategic partnership with IDF and the security establishment and strengthening employment in Israel are at the heart of what we do. Elbit Systems will continue to invest heavily in creating jobs and factories all across Israel. In the coming years, we will move a significant part of our operations from Ramat Hasharon to the south, which will provide many more new jobs over the years.”

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