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A reader writes: “Dear Mr. Engelhard. I fell in love with Ben Jaffa, your central character in your remarkable book ‘The Days of the Bitter End.’ He spoke up during all that rioting in the 1960s. He was a hero. Would you consider bringing him back just so we know what he thinks of today’s chaos in the streets?”

Wish I could bring him back, but I can’t. Neither can I bring myself back. You can only create something once.

But from our Wisdom of the Fathers, there is this: “Pray for the welfare of the government; if not for the fear thereof men would swallow each other alive.”

Isn’t this precisely where we are today?

A generation has arisen that has no respect for the government, nor for laws, nor for religion, nor for neighbors, nor for elders, nor for decency, nor for property.

From city to city, men are being stomped. Out in the open, women are being clubbed with baseball bats. Democrats call it Spring Break.

In case you think I’ve switched the topic to Venezuela, no, still talking about America.

About that, Tucker Carlson was splendid the other night. He spared no one, not VP Pence, and not even Trump, of whom I remain a huge fan – but suspicious of his son-in-law and advisor, Jared Kushner. Something not kosher about the guy, from his peace deal that sneakily and totally favors the Palestinian Arab side, to our own battle against terrorists, homegrown in the United States, of which, it appears, he prefers a policy of hands-off.

City to city, men are being stomped. Out in the open, women are being clubbed with baseball bats. Democrats call it Spring Break.
On that, my own question would be this – seeing that nothing has changed, the streets remain violent, is this how it is to stay?

Just get used to it and dart between the rioters and duck between the broken glass?

For it is now obvious that the grieving for George Floyd through justified protest was soon overtaken by amateur and professional agitators…white and black alike. They swarmed out of the woodwork like termites. They were always there, biding their time, knowing that sooner or later the pretext will come, and it came by way of a brutish police officer…the one bad cop among the million good cops who make no headlines.

The thugs taking over our streets…where do they come from? Do they have families, homes, jobs? Were they educated?


This is the generation that learned to despise America, if not through the schools, then through the news media. First lesson: Patriotism is bad. Anarchy is good.

Second – the ABC’s of the Left: “Always Be Complaining.” Never be satisfied with the gifts and opportunities America has to offer.

Third – always be resentful. Never blame yourself for your failures. Blame people who succeed. Blame the country.

Think of this: Until the termites and locusts devoured our earth, and picked it clean, America was the envy of the world, the beacon on the hill. Today, for the first time in 244 years, we cannot say that with honesty. The mighty have surrendered to the mobs. Our leaders are complicit or fearful, and there is no respect for authority.

A college student, speaking for her generation, asks, with derision, “Who is this Mozart?”

So do not wonder why she knows nothing. In place of the classics, Bible, Homer, Shakespeare, the Canon, the foundation of Western Thought…she was fattened with Gender Studies.

She would be a follower of AOC, the blathering moron. Her hero would be Michele Obama, whose own college papers show her to be barely literate.

Surveys tell us that Michele Obama is the most admired woman in America.

Here’s what the elites, those who educate our young, think of us:

MIT Economist Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare, was caught saying that the measure passed only through the “stupidity of the American voter.”

How did we get so stupid?

Ben Rhodes explains. Ben Rhodes was part of Obama’s inner circle, and he quipped: “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old…They literally know nothing.”

They know nothing, and then they multiply.

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