Riots following death of George Floyd
Riots following death of George Floyd Reuters

During the violent riots in the US, protesters have vandalized dozens of synagogues and Jewish businesses in various cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

Rabbi Avi Berman, the Executive Director of the Israeli branch of the Orthodox Union which unites 1,000 Orthodox communities in the United States, said on Monday that "the situation of the Jews of New York which is still severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic is becoming even more difficult."

"The community leaders say that in previous riots, most of the riots were in the slums, and to this day the shops there have not been rehabilitated. This time they learned the lesson and are coming to loot the shops of the rich on Rodeo Drive, Fairfax and more, and the Jews who live in these neighborhoods are in fear," added Rabbi Berman.

He continued, "Every second building in the State of Israel has been built thanks to American donations. For 72 years they have stood by us. Now we must stand by them."