Riots and looting in Oakland, California
Riots and looting in Oakland, CaliforniaREUTERS/Stephen Lam

The world is watching in horror as America goes up in flames.

Arson, looting, violence, caused by the death of one black man at the hands of a white cop in a place called Minneapolis.

We outsiders recall previous problems in cities like Baltimore, Ferguson and Los Angeles. There have also been race riots in Chicago and Detroit.

Lincoln was not a Democrat. He was a Republican president. Strange! It seems the Republicans were the pioneers of racial equality, not the Democrats.
So this outsider opened up a map of America and found some fascinating facts.

My knowledge of American history includes the north–south divide over issues of race. That was when the north under President Lincoln went to war with the south over slavery with the southern states being the slave owners.

The American Civil War was waged over the abolition of slavery. Lincoln was considered a moral statesman.

Today, we are led to believe by the Democrats that they hold the moral high ground over race and minority issues, but I found it curious that Lincoln was not a Democrat. He was a Republican president. Strange! It seems the Republicans were the pioneers of racial equality, not the Democrats.

In the period that Lincoln was president, 1861-1865, the southern states where slavery existed were not Republican. In fact, the Democratic Party dominated the South due to its opposition to civil and political rights for African-Americans.

In the 20th Century, the Democratic Party set out to represent and support minority rights.

How have these principles worked out?

After listening to Democratic politicians and media pontificators lecture in high moral tones about the lack of civil rights in the Republican camp, I took a look at the American political map to check where recent outbreaks of rioting, violence, arson, and looting have taken place in the name of “racial justice.”

My research uncovered more shocking facts, and you deserve to learn of my discovery and conclusions.

Denver is a Democrat city where a councilwoman with the unlikely name of Candi CdeBaca actually called for virus infected people to attend Trump rallies to infect his supporters. That is as politically insane and inciting as you can get.

But we are not here to talk about the virus. We are here to identify the locations of destruction and social breakdown of individual states and cities, wrecked by unremitting racial injustices.

In Denver, on the night on May 31, at least 120 rioters were arrested on charges that included illegal weapon possession, physical assault, arson and property destruction. Dozens of police officers were injured and several were hospitalized.

Denver was far from the worst case of anarchy provoked by radical groups on the left of the Democrat Party purporting to be protesting the death of George Floyd.

The recent destructive riots have in common. They have all occurred in Democratic cities and states. Minneapolis, Los Angles. New York, Detroit. Oakland, San Francisco. Philadelphia, Washington DC, all Democratic cities.

Minnesota Democrat. Illinois Democrat. California Democrat. NYS Democrat. Virginia Democrat. Pennsylvania, currently governed by a Democrat. San Francisco and Los Angeles in Democrat California. Denver in Democrat Colorado.

How can it be that race riots only occur in Democratic cities if the Republicans are guilty in perpetrating racist policies? It doesn’t make sense.

How is it that white supremacists express their racial hatred only in Democratic states? Hardly likely.

In fact, the media went in search of white incitement to make a case against Republicans but found instead that white inciters were members of the far left Antifa anarchist group that support and vote Democrat and that the local and imported agitators, looters and arsonists were predominantly black.

In sharp contrast, the locations that were not dragged into mayhem were Republican states and cities where there is more racial harmony. How come?

Maybe it’s because they’ve got their policies right?

Why the difference? Maybe it’s because playing up, even exaggerating, racial discord is an integral part of Democratic social policy? Constantly beating the drum of racial division is incitement. It leads to action, often violent action, and it constantly takes place in Democratic cities and states.

Dare I compare George Floyd’s horrible death to that of Justine Damond?

She was shot to death in Minneapolis in 2017 by a police officer. There were no protests or riots then. Why not? The reason was that Justine was white and the cop that shot her to death was black.

There is little rhetoric about blacks murdering whites. This is not considered a race issue.

The racist rhetoric perpetrated by opportunists such as Al Sharpton and others over black deaths at the hands of police is statistically wrong.

My research uncovered another uncomfortable truth. That the murder of Justine Damond, a white woman, was more common than the death of black citizens, such as George Floyd, at the hands of the police in America.

During the years 2017-2020, 1268 white people were shot to death by police in America. This was almost double the numbers of African-Americans killed by cops (698) during the same period.
Accord to the Statista Research Department statistics on May 31, 2020, during the years 2017-2020, 1268 white people were shot to death by police in America. This was almost double the numbers of African-Americans killed by cops (698) during the same period.

It would appear that white Americans seem to have a greater cause to call out police brutality than blacks.

Based on these figures, It is hardly unexpected that a survey conducted by Omar Wasow, an assistance professor at the department of politics at Princeton, found that the riots have nudged most Americans closer to the Republican camp than the Democrats.

Perhaps this is due to a white majority that finds itself marginalized by the forgery of the provocations against them by prominent members of the Democratic Party and the violence of the mob.

Wasow’s conclusions included this, “I find that black-led protests in which some violence occurs are associated with significant decline in Democratic vote-share in the 1964, 1968, and 1972 presidential elections.”

The physical damage inflicted upon city centers and urban neighborhoods by predominantly black rioters and looters does not encourage entrepreneurial business people to return and rebuild destroyed stores and shops to serve a destructive and violent community.

Such people will never vote Democrat again after being failed by local and state dereliction of duty.

One prominent American civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, an ardent Democrat, said, as the riots spread across America, “I am disappointed, shocked that there has been no Democratic lawmaker in the last 72 hours who have focused on the criminal activities of these individuals who are not protesting. I’ve got news for you: you’re alienating me.”

He said of Democrats. “I’m a black voter and you have lost me if you don’t stand up and do something about these criminals.”

This is down to the utter failure of Democrat governors and mayors unable to solve problems as well as their Republican counterparts have done in their states and cities.

Historically, it has been the Republican Party that has taken a sympathetic look at racial issues and dealt with them more successfully.

In short, the most progressive states in America, when it comes to harmonious race relations and peaceful prosperity, are Republican states.

As an outside observer, may I suggest that American voters give Republicans an opportunity to prove their worth in their communities, cities and states.

After all, as Trump asked rhetorically in 2016, what do you have to lose?

You are already living in chaos under Democratic local governance.

Barry Shaw is at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.