Ryanair airplane
Ryanair airplane iStock

Ryanair will drop prices by 50% in order to encourage passengers to purchase tickets and travel, reports said.

The low-cost airline will resume 40% of its flights on July 1, operating approximately 1,000 flights per day.

On Sunday, Rynair CEO Michael O'Leary told the Mail: "So we're looking at carrying less than half last year's July passengers at half the fares we charged last July and August."

"We will dump prices to get people moving again. Once we start flying in July, we will sell at whatever price we can to fill as many of those seats as we can."

He also claimed that Britain's new 14-day quarantine rule for those entering the country would not last and will be "quietly dropped."

Meanwhile, it is expected that flights will fill to 60% capacity, in order to avoid causing a loss to the airlines.

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